Director, Emotional Mastery Ltd

Kim Searle is an Emotional Mastery Coach primarily helping Accountants, Bookkeepers and their clients wanting to grow and develop their business.
Through 1-2-1 coaching, masterclasses and her innovative Inner Game group coaching programmed, she helps them to to overcome bad habits, faulty thinking and emotional challenges
Her mission is to raise awareness that our internal processes are providing a valuable source of information that provides an important ally in wellbeing. By ignoring it, people not only make life more difficult for themselves, but potentially store trouble for the future. (Think stress and its effects on the body).
Kim has learned her craft through a variety of experiences in big business (National Westminster Bank, Motorola, Orange Business Services and latterly Vodafone) and through a number of professional training and development courses.
Throughout her working life she has worked in and around the finance sector, latterly managing budgets in excess of £10m in her role as a Senior Project Manager. Having worked with all levels of the organization, from the Board Room, Accountants and finance personnel to technical teams, she understands the different pressures people face working within a busy environment.
After falling ill with Glandular Fever in 2017 through burnout, Kim went onto launch Emotional Mastery Ltd to help fellow travelers on the journey of running a business.
The pressures of running a business manifest in different ways for different people, and her specialty is to get to the root cause of these challenges. To help them do more than cope or manage, but to transform, to evolve, to change for the better in themselves. Using a wide range of skills, she can save her clients time, effort and distress by working through these issues faster and priming the brain for the future they do want.
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Kim is the author of the book Midlife is NOT a crisis, Rediscover Your Drive and Regain Your Happiness, listed on Amazon, which was more about how to make changes BEFORE a crisis. It is full of practical advice and exercises on how to review and make changes in life.

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